Special panel on African languages

This special panel welcomes talks on reported speech in African languages or topics that are relevant for the study of reported speech in African languages, including methodological issues, typology, or case studies of how phenomena typically found in African languages are also found elsewhere. This includes phenomena such as: 

  • Logophoricity 
  • Grammaticalization of quotative markers 
  • The use of interjections and other expressive elements in reported speech 
  • The syntax of the reported speech constructions (e.g., the way reported speech is referred to by interrogative or anaphoric pronouns) 
  • Special prosodic characteristics of speech reports 
  • The use of other languages and pseudowords by characters in stories 
  • Extended uses of reported speech (e.g., to express intention and other meanings) 
  • The distinction – or the lack thereof – between direct and indirect speech 

We encourage submissions based on original field data and we invite participants to address methodological issues related to working with oral communities, corpus building and fieldwork. 

Please send your submissions via email to