The aim of this three-day workshop is to reinforce the links between different groups of scholars working on quotation and on reported speech, very much in the spirit of what the journal Linguistic Typology did around an important (2019) paper by Spronck & Nikitina. That is why we invite contributions from variationist sociolinguistics, from formal semantics, from pragmatics, from Conversation Analysis, from sign linguistics, from all areas of the language sciences that undertake to theorise or analyse quotational phenomena.  
The workshop also seeks to broaden the scope of research by bringing to prominence research on sign languages and on ‘less well-studied’ languages. This broadened scope is reflected both in the choice of keynote presenters and in a special panel on ‘reported speech in African languages’, coordinated by Tatiana Nikitina and Izabela Jordanoska (CNRS, Paris). 

Philippe De Brabanter, Guillaume Guitang

Philippe De Brabanter:
Guillaume Guitang: 

Rebecca Clift (University of Essex)  
Emar Maier (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)  

Philippe De Brabanter
Laurence Meurant  
Tatiana Nikitina  
Izabela Jordanoska 
Guillaume Guitang